What is a Healthy Relationship?

Respect Acceptance Compromise

Relationships are all different and they’re not always easy. Most people argue or disagree about things sometimes. But the sign of a healthy relationship is one where both partners treat each other with respect, listen and are honest with each other.

It’s so easy in the early stages of an abusive relationship to think the unhealthy behaviours aren’t a big deal. But in a healthy relationship, you should be able to communicate with your partner.

Negative reactions like possessiveness, giving insults or making jealous accusations, shouting and humiliation are all part of a person showing power and control.

Relationships are positive when both partners are able to talk through things even if they don’t agree and can compromise. Talking and agreeing on something can be difficult but worth it. Even if the agreement is to disagree.

It’s OK to say ‘no’ in a healthy relationship, whatever the ask.

In a healthy relationship, a partner may:
– Respect you
– Listen to you
– Say things about you that are positive or compliment you
– Ask and value your opinion
– Encourage you to be yourself
– Trust you
– Treat you as an equal
– Accept that you want to do your own things
– Support you seeing friends or family
– Make you feel safe

Anyone can have a good relationship. Even if you’ve had unhealthy relationships in the past that doesn’t mean you have to again. Surviving domestic abuse be it physical or emotional is a huge achievement and it takes time to feel differently, but people can and do recover and go on to have positive relationships again.