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‘Catherine’s’ Story  

I had a terribly abusive marriage. It was physical violence. He beat me very badly.

We met when we were very young and married when I was pregnant.

He controlled everything. The only way I can describe it was like being in the dark and seeing a sliver of light and knowing that if you went into the light you would be safe but you were too scared, and I mean scared stiff, to move.

I hated the holidays. Boxing Day to me meant I was going to get hurt.

I had several miscarriages because of the beatings, until one day I decided to leave. I just walked out, it happened that quickly. I know that often people need help from others to escape but for me it was like after all that time, I just decided, enough is enough.

There have been plenty of other knocks in my life since and I would say it’s been a long journey but I don’t regret leaving and look at it as if I survived. That’s what I am a survivor.